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The Gluggle Jug Factory

Red Original Gluggle Jug Pitcher Vase

Red Original Gluggle Jug Pitcher Vase

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GLUGGLE JUGS MAKE A SOUND! The special shape creates the unique "glugg" sound when pouring, making the jug the highlight of any laid table! A real glugg fish jar!

GLUGGLES ARE AN INGENIOUS GIFT! The Gluggle Jug is insanely popular as a gift - it is not only timeless, but constantly trendy. Once unpacked, fill it with water and let it make its magic in front of its new owner and other guests! They'll all be so delighted! Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, the Gluggle jug will always bring fun and good atmosphere to the table. 

GLUGGLES ARE MADE IN ENGLAND - Support local production, support the legend of the potteries in the Midlands, the rich history of the original Gluggle Jug, create local jobs and maintain UK quality! 

GLUGGLES MAKE YOUR HOME MORE BEAUTIFUL! It is the perfect accessoiry and eye catching interior design item that brings more style beauty and joy to your house! Maybe one color is not enough?  

GLUGGLES MAKE YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL! If you want to hear it gluggle, you have to drink the water, providing the skin with moisture and elasticity, helping to make it beautiful. Hearing the jug gluggle unexpectedly will cause laughter within your friends & family.

...AND HEALTHY! Water flushes out toxins and boosts the oxygen supply.

PLASTIC-FREE! Rather than drinking water from plastic bottles, fill the Gluggle jug with water. By gurgling, water is diligently refilled and drunk, no plastic in sight.

VERSATILE: This unique carafe in the shape of a fish - often called "fish carafe or fish jug" - can be used as a water jug, beautiful vase, decor or utensil holder. The fish is a powerful symbol in many cultures and religions!

DESIGN: The original Glug glug jug is over 150 year old, a novel and iconic cult object of British design. Welcome to 150 years of history to your home.

MADE IN ENGLAND: The original Gluggle jug is handmade in Stoke on Trent, England, from locally sourced materials. Welcome to the Gluggle Jug Factory, formerly Wade Ceramics.

In addition to a variety of colour options, the original Gluggle Jug is also offered in 3 different sizes.

The Gluggle Jug is dishwasher safe.

SECONDS - By times, we also offer genuine seconds of the Gluggle jug factory. Seconds show several issues with the glaze (several pinholes, clip marks, glaze runs, missing glaze etc.) or other issues. Seconds have a mark on the base to clearly identify them as seconds.


  • Shipping from the factory in Stoke on Trent, England
  • Next day delivery within England if you order before noon on Monday - Thursday
  • Otherwise 2-3 working days delivery time within England

Variants & Dimensions:

XL: 1.2 litres, 27 cm high
L: 0,6 litre, 22 cm high
Mini: 0.04 litre, 9 cm high

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lucy Crane

Red Original Gluggle Jug Pitcher Vase

Carrie Tredre

I love my red Gluggle Jug. I now have two! Thank you for the great service. Great jugs.

Lucy Webster
Unexpected Red Theory

I have been on instagram too much lately and have gone down an “Unexpected Red Theory” rabbit hole, hence the red glug jug - which is beautiful! It was in the “seconds” sale but I can’t see any faults. And it came super-fast. All in all, a wild success!!

Joseph Kelly
Red gluggle jug

Arrived quickly, well packaged and made. My girlfriend is really pleased with it but still keeps calling it her juggle glug

Carlton Geake
Happy Spouse, happy house.

My wife loved using my sister in laws Gluggle Jug so I got her a red version for her birthday. I ordered it a little late so it arrived the day after the big day. Needless to say extra husband points were issued. Helps keep my family hydrated as the kids love using it too.