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The Gluggle Jug Factory

Sand Matt Original Gluggle Jug Pitcher Vase Jar

Sand Matt Original Gluggle Jug Pitcher Vase Jar

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ICONIC - We produce and sell the original Gluggle Jugs, an Iconic piece of British design! These communicative water pitchers are a bestselling item in many shops all over the world! Why?

MADE IN ENGLAND - Support local production, support the legend of the potteries in the Midlands, the rich history of the original Gluggle Jug, create local jobs and maintain UK quality! 

GURGLING - Because of their wonderful 'gluggling' sound that has been fascinating users since it was first produced in the 1870s. The unique gluggle sound is created when liquid is poured from the jug at three-quarters full. 

HISTORIC - The design and desire for gluggle jugs have stood the test of time being manufactured for over 150 years in England! The Gluggle Jug Factory continues its legacy and produces them in the same region in which they had once been created!

PERFECT GIFT - Both beautiful and bold the Gluggle Jug makes a fantastic centrepiece for all occasions. Its a perfect gift. Not just a jug, as good as the Gluggle Jug is at being a jug with its' eye-catching design it can be used for more decorative purposes. The Gluggle Jug is happy being admired on a mantlepiece, shelf, kitchen work surface or wherever you fancying placing it. Aside from its decorative value, the practical side isn't just a jug, the Gluggle Jug feels quite at home being used as a vase, decanter or utensil holder you could try popping your pens and stationery in it or even make-up brushes. 

HANDMADE - Our jugs are handmade! You wont find a machine in our factory. Instead the jugs go through 6 pair of hands until they land in our warehouse to be picked up for you!

DISHWASHER SAFE - The jugs are being fired at 1200 degrees so yes, they can take your dishwasher too! However, we recommend you wash the Lustre and Copper collection by hand so that they dont loose their beautiful shine. 

SECONDS - By times, we also offer genuine seconds of the Gluggle jug factory. Seconds show several issues with the glaze (several pinholes, clip marks, glaze runs, missing glaze etc.) or other issues. Seconds have a mark on the base to clearly identify them as seconds.


  • Shipping from the factory in Stoke on Trent, England
  • Next day delivery within England if you order before noon on Monday - Thursday
  • Otherwise 2-3 working days delivery time within England

    Variants & Dimensions:

    • XL: 1.3 liters, 27 cm high
    • L: 0.6 liters, 22 cm high
    • Mini: 0.04 liters, 9 cm high
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Lisa Tidmarsh
        Gorgeous Glugglejug

        So pleased with our Glugglejug... it is a second but you wouldn't know unless you knew. Love it. Want more for the rest of the house now 🥰

        It's lovely

        I remember seeing a Glugglejug in my mother's friend's house in the late 50s which was painted in blues and greys so it looked like a fish. i was amazed to hear that it gluggled so always wondered if I would ever see one again. Then I did. Mine will be used as a water jug on the table at mealtimes.

        Richard Wootton
        Very good service

        The jug made me smile once I heard and saw it in action. Buying a factory second was good value. The ordering and delivery process was very good indeed

        Jonathan Gray
        Gluggle Jug

        Our Gluggle Jug arrived safe and sound. Really enjoying using it and amusing our guests with a glugging demonstration.

        Katherine Cross
        Love this!

        Having bought one for myself a few months back I'm now buying these jugs for friends. Nobody can pour a glass of water without a smile - these jugs are a real conversation-starter/ice-breaker - love them!